Beverly Hills Courier - April 22, 2014

Waxman Congressional District Race – Ted Lieu Endorsed by Humane Society Legislative Fund

By Victoria Talbot

The Humane Society Legislative Fund endorsed 33rd Congressional District Candidate Ted Lieu for office, citing his strong support for animal protection policies.

“Ted Lieu has shown strong and consistent leadership in the California Senate for animal protection issues, in particular authoring a bill that successfully banned the cruel practicing of hounding,” said Sara Amundson, executive director of HSLF. “We urge California voters who care about the humane treatment of animals to support Ted Lieu.”

Last year, Lieu supported legislation to restrict trapping methods and promote non-lethal options for mountain lion removal (AB 789, AB 1213 and SB 132), non-lead ammunitions for hunters ((AB711), to promote the development of dog parks (AB265) and a bill to restrict the sale of live animals at swap meets and flea markets (SB 1221).

Senator Lieu has a history of supporting legislation to promote animal welfare, including spay-neuter funds, animal cruelty issues, prohibiting de-clawing, cockfighting bans, and micro-chipping.

“Animals cannot speak for themselves on legislative issues that directly affect their welfare. That’s why organizations like the HSLF are so critically important. I look forward to being a strong advocate for animal welfare in Congress on issues like cruelty in domesticated animals, protecting endangered species and wildlife habitats, and humane treatment of farm animals.”


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