Beverly Hills Courier - May 23, 2014

U.S. Representative (33rd Congressional District) - Ted Lieu

From the Publisher, Marcia Wilson Hobbs

Henry Waxman's retirement after giving 40 years of faithful service representing our district surfaced 18 candidates to follow in his footsteps.

Our editorial team has attended many of the candidates forums and we chose to interview the six who had gathered considerable support - Wendy Gruel, David Kanuth,Ted Lieu, Matt Miller, and Marianne Williamson - over the last two weeks. I hope you will read Matt Lopez's articles written about all six last week and in today's paper.

It has been extremely difficult to sort through all the information, speeches, and ideas generated by this energetic group of candidates, but in the end we are endorsing Ted Lieu.

Ted, most recently a California State Senator, has also served on the Torrance City Council, in the California State Assembly, and continues to serve in the Air Force Reserve. He made good on his promise to himself to give back to the United States and he wants to continue in that vein.

The Courier questioned all the candidates on their position on the subway and Ted made the time to walk the campus, meet with consultant's and developed a good understanding of the problems with the Metro tunnel under BHHS. He is tough, asked the right questions, and has shown independence in the past on difficult issues.

Wendy Gruel said she would make a decision based "on safety" and Matt Miller was not well versed on the issue, but listened carefully. Matt, who served in the Clinton administration (as did Wendy) as a Senior Advisor in the White House Office of Management and Budget also impressed our editorial board with his knowledge and proficiency on financial issues.

Marianne Williamson was very clear on opposing the subway under the high school and any other special-interest project. David Kanuth has surprised all with his ability to raise funds and become a credible candidate in a crowded race.

We are fortunate to have choices, but the bottom line is Ted Lieu will do the homework, will be independent, and has the experience and the chops to get a seat at the table and be an excellent representative and defender of this district.

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