Congressman Lieu Statement on Measure M

Today Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D-Los Angeles County) released the following statement about Measure M:

"I endorse Measure M and urge its passage. I have concluded that on balance my constituents and all of Los Angeles County would be better served if Measure M passes in November.

I have considered the arguments made by opponents of Measure M. I agree with the South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) that the Local Return Percentage could be higher at the outset. I also agree with the SBCCOG that it is possible Measure M could end up being unfair to cities that have a significantly higher daytime population. Measure M does not specify how population is accounted for in the Local Return funding formula. That decision is left up to the Metro Board. If Measure M passes, I will work with the SBCCOG and the Metro Board to come up with an appropriate funding formula. Orange County, for example, uses a sensible funding formula that factors in residential population, sales tax revenue, and lane miles traveled.

I have also considered the arguments made by supporters of Measure M. I agree that Measure M will provide much needed funding for transportation projects across Los Angeles County, including in the South Bay, and in other areas in the 33rd Congressional District. Last year I successfully fought for full federal funding for Metro’s projects in Los Angeles County; worked with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and others to fund the Highway Trust Fund; and have always been a champion of infrastructure investments. Ultimately, Measure M will create good-paying jobs, increase transportation infrastructure, and improve our quality of life. I urge the voters to pass Measure M."

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