Ted Lieu Calls for Immediate and Safe Return of Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers

State Senator and Air Force Reservist Ted Lieu, Candidate for Congress in the 33rd Congressional District issued the following statement on the recent kidnapping of 3 Israeli teenagers:

"Israel is a steadfast and profound ally of the United States with shared values and a mutual commitment to security and peace,” said Lieu, who has served on active duty in the US Air Force.  “I have been to Israel and witnessed the security threats the country faces on a daily basis.  
“As a parent of two boys, I am horrified to hear of the kidnapping of three teenage boys in Israel, one of whom is also an American citizen.  These kidnappings have rocked communities in both Israel and the United States, especially here in Los Angeles County, which has one of the largest Israeli-American communities in the country.

“The United States and the global community must stand with Israel to see the perpetrators brought to justice and these children returned home.  Israel has stated Hamas—which the United States classifies as a terrorist organization—is responsible for the abductions.  I call on Hamas to safely return the three teenage boys immediately.  These kidnappings demonstrate the human cost of allowing terrorist organizations that target innocent civilians to operate freely. 
“Gilad, Naftali and Eyal must be returned to their families unharmed.  My thoughts and prayers are with them in this difficult hour.”


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